Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love, We hear so much about it: Unconditional Love. Love in it's purest state.

What does it mean exactly? Do you find it's not difficult for you to give Unconditional Love, but to receive it yourself, is hard for you? For most people it's hard to receive this love. Usually because of low self-esteem, insecurities and fears, we need to overcome.

Loving yourself unconditionally, means putting yourself first. It's not easy, especially if you are having a busy family life, or people draining your energy, because they need your care or attention.

Old Souls are usually very familiar with Unconditional Love, and it suprises them, that they hardly ever get this love back from people around them. They find that most people are very selfish.

Once they realize that, they give even móre love to others, because the ones around them, need it the most, because they are not receiving it from anyone else in their surroundings.

Unconditional Love is a learning process, of many years, even a lifetime. Nobody can love themselves 100% all the time, but you can try to love yourself more every day.

If you love someone unconditionally, it means you also accept their shortcomings. And their Free Will, or the choices they make in their life.

Love doesn't force, and if you truly love someone, you will stimulate their learning process. You can't force someone to love you, to care for your, or to give you attention, to see you for who you really are. You can only do this for yourself!

As long as you are giving to receive love/energy back from someone, this love isn't Unconditional.

So are we not allowed to have any expectations towards others? Of course you can, but keep them realistic. Because not every humon being on earth can give love they way you can. Not every person knows about Unconditional Love. They need to discover this love for themselves first.

If your relationships and friendships are unequal, you are allowed to stand up for yourself. To communicate your feelings of dissapointment, and just being honest.

If you are always giving love, but never receive anything in return, no interest in your life, no attention. Then it's time to let go, and move on without this person in your life.

Love is ALSO letting go. Letting go from Unconditional Love means, to let the person be free to make their own choices in life. But also not denying yourself, and to realize you are worth more than this.

If you love yourself unconditionally, you know your own Self-Worth, and you won't let anyone abuse you anymore. Using meaning: giving without receiving any appreciation or respect.

Most people are not grateful for receiving Unconditional Love. Until those people let them go, only then they realize how important they were for them, in all they have done for them. Still they can be too stubborn to admit their mistakes, because they are 'right'.

Let go, because it's their choice. They choose to not see you for who you truly are, because they don't love themselves enough! How can they give you, what they don't possess themselves.

Unconditional Love is:

- Putting yourself first;
- To take the time to listen to your true or Higher Self, every day;
- Talking to your Soul and follow your Soul purpose;
- Living your passion, which will give you joy;
- No longer let others influence you, who don't understand this Unconditional Love;
- Don't be dependant on someone else to be happy;
- To set bounderies;
- Don't feel responsible for others, or wanting to carry their weight/karma;
- To be compassionate; not to pity others;
- To acknowledge your Inner Strength/Power;
- To be happy with yourself, even though you are not perfect;
- Don't be so hard on yourself, but stay loving towards yourself, even if you are having a difficult day;
- To pass this Unconditional Love on to others;
- To be your Authentic Self.

© Medium Arlette
Date: 16-11-'16

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