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Internationally known Psychic Medium that can tap into your loved ones thoughts, feelings and outcomes. Timeframes given.

I am a respected and truthful psychic medium who a near death experience. I have done readings with excellent feedback with over 20,000 readings done between my home office and online. I specilize in love and relationship, carrer , family matters, helping to empower you on your life’s journey and also your own psychic gifts.

I am (clairvoyant) see, (clairaudient) hear, (claircognizent) feel and also use my mediumship abilities if someone come through. I work with spirit to bring through the most truthful and accurate information given to me. I am tested and certified in numerous modalities and I also teach workshops online and in person regarding psychic abilities, Law of attraction, Reiki, Shamanic practices and many more things.

My promise to you is I only bring through what is coming to me good or bad. I will not spin fairy tales to keep you coming back. I also beleive in ‘’Divine Timing’’ and do give time frames but that all depends on the healing of both parties before it can come to fruition. I am a very fast typist and also will able to give you tools to heal and to move forward and keep the focus on you and what you would like to come forward to you. My abilities help me delve into the past, present and future to help you be the best you can be.  

Experiences (6):

Een heel mooi gesprek. Kevin wist te beschrijven waardoor de situatie is zoals het is en wat ik hiervoor moet doen. Heel empowerend en positief.

Thank you for your time, your answers. I will follow your advice. Super fijn gesprek, fijne antwoorden, een hoop duidelijkheid gekregen ik kan hem zeker aanraden

Thank you Kevin for this beautiful reading I just had. WOW WOW Everything you said resonated. I feel more confident now. Thank you very very much

I had a nice chat with kevin & what he told me about my relationship was very accurate. Thank you kevin

Amit Chitre:
Kevin your Reading gives me power to go ahead on correct path

Esther noordermeer:
he is such a nice guy who tells what you could expect and what you can do to make it easier for yourself. it was a really nice chat! Thanx Kevin. i`ll be back! :-)

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