Welcome to our website!

What is Mediumchat? This is a website where you can chat with psychics, mediums, therapists, healers, fortune tellers, etc.

All our psychics are screened thoroughly. The psychics on this site are self-emplyed, and we cannot be held responsible for their guidance and advice.

Why Medium Chat? If you don't feel like calling a psychic, or don't have the time to visit a psychic or healer in person, Medium Chat is the place to be.  Chatting to psychics is very popular worldwide.

We distinguish ourselves from other sites, because of our inexpensive prices. The advantage of doing chat readings, is once the reading is finished, you can print it, and read it again whenever you feel like it.

What kind of abilities can you expect from psychics working here?
First of all we screen all our psychics thoroughly, before hiring them at Clairvoyant available chat.

Psychic Abilities
A chat psychic can work with one or more abilities:

Mediumship: They communicate with spirits, Spirit Guides, Angels etc.They use their abilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient. If they have one of these gifts, they can call themselves a psychic.

Other abilities:
Using a pendulum: Many psychics use a pendulum to ask questions. This method has been used for many centuries. The pendulum can make a certain movement for the answer: ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’.

Using tarot cards: Most psychics use tarot cards to help get answers via their intuition, Spirit Guides and Angels. A few popular decks are: Wider Raite and Lenormand cards.

Aura- and chakra healing: Aura- and chakra healing has also been used for centuries. All healers have had the proper training. Most popular are: Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Angel Healing, Shamballa.

House Cleansing: Many people have had a negative energy or spirits in their house. Most of the time it's the negative energy of the person living in the house as well, and not always a negative entity.

If the person is afraid, and has many fears and negative thoughts, they can attract charlatans who claim they can cleanse their house for a large sum of money. Please don't fall for it!

Of course there are psychics and healers who can cleanse houses, they do it for free.

There are many kind of abilities and everyone is different. Some psychics can talk to animals only, and some can communicate with spirits, while others cannot. Please read the profile of the psychics, before you make your choice.

Here at Medium Chat, the psychics are happy to help, and guide you.