Timing is Everything: Palmistry

Timing is Everything: Palmistry. Crucial. That’s what timing is when using palmistry, though it’s also important to know that your right hand is where any palmist is going to look to find out what your past, present, and future looks like – and any psychic worth their salt will tell you the lines on your palm will change.

The lifeline is not the only indication on your palm of timing, but the other markings measure different things. A good example would be that when I look at your heart line, I’m going to be looking for different things – the effect someone else might have on you, or how you might strengthen your capacity to receive love or when there might be “breaks” that hurt you that come through another. In your lifeline, I’m going to be looking for what affects you, alone. Each line on your palm contains a priceless amount of information, and as discussed in the previous blog, the breaks, chains, islands, and crosses that occur directly on your lifeline give you an excellent sense of just when and what kind of change is coming your way.

There might be places where your lifeline is thinner when you are leaving adolescence for adulthood and thus feel insecure or a bit weaker about your prospects going forward. You might have crosses at this point showing a major turning point in your life, or, if you see such a line near the periods in your life indicated in the illustration, can expect some changes to come to you, and be prepared for whatever comes.

There are some who believe that thinner areas in your lifeline are health issues or being ill for at time, but I urge you to forego such conclusions – as you’ll see me repeat more than once, modern medicine is NOT reflected in your palm, and because modern medicine is so effective, I tend to look more for emotional breaks or circumstances that are changing and bringing a break, cross, or putting a chain indicating stress or being startled by whatever change has presented itself.

Sometimes, a break in your lifeline is quite literal…you need to take a break, and your palms have imprinted this for you to see and heed. This usually occurs when you have persevered for quite a long period of time under stressful circumstances which would be indicated by chains, islands, and in some cases, crosses around the period of time you were most affected. When you see a break in the palm that coincides closely with where you are age-wise right now in life, it would be best for you to take that break, as you’ve earned it and then some, if it’s gotten to the point it’s showing on your palm!

It is always important to remember that you are checking your right hand regularly, for your left hand is where you have innate gifts and talents, and a bit of an outline as to where your life will go. I can tell at a glance when and where you’ve chosen differently, and what attributes you’ve decided to change, improve, or lose altogether by comparing your left palm to your right one.

Your right palm can foretell what will come next in most cases. There are a few exceptions to this – just as free will helped shape and direct the lines on your right hand, so will there be sudden, unpredictable and often impulsive decisions you make that will reflect in your palm after the decision has been made. But for the most part, change will be there for you to read beforehand, so pay attention and plan accordingly and you can’t lose!

© Leah 
Date: 12-11-'17

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