Tarot cards The fool

Tarot cards The fool:

The fool has not number and therefore it is associated to the zero, the figure of nothingness, to the void. In consequence, the energy of this card can be used to start or finish any project. The fool talks about the inertia that precedes any decision or activity. The fool takes risks, with the garante of the unlimited intellectual capacities which this card represents. He is not afraid. The fool is guided by his impulsiveness and he relies, not only on his instinct, but also on the divine proteccion. The fool has no fear of adverse situations, but use them always on its own advantage. The fool does not worry, he is free; he does not own anything, and maybe that's the source of his liberty. The fool lives the moment, every day is a new adventure. The fool is a creative person which opinion is open, sincere and pure.

Keywords: impulse, initiative, creativity, adventure. In its inverted position this card speaks about fears, not having the courage to take the initiative; chaos, erratic behavior, nervousness states.

The magician:

The magician uses the power of the universe to create new realities by means of the word. The magician is an essentially verbal being. This person has the gift of dominating those around him at an intellectual and emotional level, a control that could even reach onto his physical environment. The magician is clever, but his intelligence is subtle. He fascinates with its charm. The magician carefully chooses his communication’s tool to give form and content to his enchantment strategy. The magician convinces, takes the initiative and the lead.

Keywords: communication, ability to convince, intelligence to solve problems, power of initiative. In its inverted position, the card is talking about someone who doesn't have the required capacities or someone who is using them from wrong purpose.

The priestess:

The High priestess is the guardian of the paranormal secrets and spiritual knowledge. The priestess represents the woman in all her facets -girl, wife, mother and old wise woman- who chooses for a life of contemplation, be it, intellectual or spiritual. Priests represent wisdom, the accumulation of intellectual knowledge and the access to know​ledge through the unconscious. This cards can also be speaking about a life of solitude in pursuit of this knowledge and intuitive wisdom. The High priestess is a woman who can take distance of situations and judges them from a very objective perspective, this can give her a cold and distant appearance. Nevertheless, the rationality of the high priestess come from her feminine intuition, which has a enorm emotional load.

Keywords: intuition, secret, study, wise woman, counselor. On its inverted position, the card refers to a person without connection with its own intuition, a its rationality. Lack of discerned situation.

The empress:

this card talks about women's power and their productivity, in which reason and feelings are combined. The empress speaks of a practical and productive woman, and is, therefore, the prototype of the mother: active femininity. The empress use haar knowledge and abilities in such a way that she materialized everything she proposes herself to do. On the other pole, the extra-limitation of the women characteristic can makes of the empress a vain woman who enjoys the mundane pleasures that life offers to her. Keywords: abundance, fertility, productivity, femininity, contact with the material nature.

The emperor:

The emperor refers to a person of a firm, imposing and confident character. The emperor represents the ambition of power, control, order and conquest. The emperor see obstacles as challenges and has enough security and firmness to carry out projects in a structured way. He is a natural leader, but also a protector, taking control over its own and others' situations.
Keywords: Authority, security, power, firmness, order. Inverted: Represion, abuse, domination

The High Priest:

The high priest represents the teacher who helps us discover the best of ourselves through their support and leadership. His knowledge is rooted in ancestral traditions, customs and rituals; he gives them order and structure, homogenizing them, giving them a practical form, in order to reach his followers. This card may be talking about a moral, spiritual, academic or political authority. It tells us about the moral rules belonging to each social group. It talks about religions, marriage, and over all the precepts that organize our way of life.

On its inverse position, this card may be speaking about the subversion of all orders. The card can be alerting of about a person who conduct itself against all conventional rules. In this position the card can also refers to a false guru, some that display all the paraphernalia of an conventional authority, but that is merely a superfluous parade.

Keywords: Teacher, counselor, authority, dogma, structure.

The lovers:

This card is about the energy of love and desire, but not only of romantic desire, but also of desire in its purest expression. This card announces changes in the love area: the beginning of a new relationship, a significant change in the current one. Perhaps a new temptation will appear in our environment or a new love ambition will forces us to make a decision. When this card show up in our spread, it is telling us that life will give us another opportunity, but that we will have ​to choose what it suit us best. Anyhow, if we sintonize with The energy of the lovers, it will makes us communicative, generous and​ even
predisposes us to open up to the others, as the best way to take decisions.

Try to hear the designs of your heart!

Keyword: Attraction, decision, accord, chemie. Inverted, this card is talking about confusion, lack of atraccion, not punt in common.

The chariot:

Since this card is related to number seven, it represents the fundamental events in the evolution of the consultant, his goals, dreams and life’s plans. The primary message of this letter is: take the bull by the horn! The card talks about adopting the necessary attitude to be able to carry out any project of situation with which life can confront us. Self-control, discipline and perseverance, are the motto of this card. The energy of this card provides you with the necessary drive to go for what you want, ignoring everything that seems to hinder your goals. It gives you total access to your personal power and will help you build a bridge with the stones of the road

Keyword: Impulse, movement, courage. Inverted can be talking about a project that doesn't go as planned and impulsivity in its negative sense.

The justice:

The justice is the card of the balance and harmony, the card refers to situations in which our choices will be made, based on the norms and values ​​that represent for us good and evil. It invites us to be rational, impartial and faithful to the truth. The energy of this card, the justice, wants to maintain order and balance, which is why the card encourages us to be fair, integral and committed. The card describes a person with a sharp mind, willing to analyze situations in an equitable way, passing them through the sieve emotions, feelings and other types of subjective
perceptions to give each one what it corresponds. The energy of this card will allow us to separate wheat from straw.

The card can be also alerting us about a judicial problem of to pay attention to other legal document

Keywords: equanimity, karma, extreme severity. Inverted is talking about situations that are unjust and also about things that escape to the rules.

The hermit:

The hermit represents a life of solitude, research, introspection and contemplation. The hermit get immersed into an infinite search for the intangible, an infinite attempt to find and access information, trying to unravel the secrets of the world and its own. This card is the standard of solitude, that emphasizes the solace it brings. The hermit becomes an observer of the world with an intuition based on an empirical knowledge of its own, that it sherries as treasure. The contemplative and meditative attitude of the hermit helps him to approach life calmly. He observes the life-event from a distance allows him to evaluate them carefully; to sift them through his own experience. The hermit keeps a cold and reserved posture, giving priority to his own criteria. I This cards also speak about the past, project that were in the past begonnen. But it also allude to new tasks that will demand much of our time and attention.

Keywords: solitude, investigation, discretion, secrets, experience. Forced solitude, depresion, long waiting time.

The wheel of fortune:

This card reminds us that life is change. The wheel of fortune stand for unexpected changes and "casual" coincidences. The wheel of fortune comes to tell us that life is made up of temporary pieces, that everything will ​pass, that everything will returns, and that fate is impersonal and impartial and that it follows its course in despite your plans. When this card appear it inform us that we will witness important changes, which will close cycles and begins new ones, and even that we will be part of this changes. We will observe with staggering admiration how events that we had not predisposed and how fortune plays in our favor, or against us. The facts will escape from our hands, although we will be a passive part of them. Keywords: Fortuitous changes, fortune, closure and beginning of cycles, destiny. Inverted the card represent a bad turn of luck, the end of a period, time of recession.

The hanged man:

This card represents limitations, whether self imposed or not. In this way, the hanged man speaks about a waiting period, an internal process of adjustment to people and situations that at first differ from our world view. This discomfort, this contradictory novelty, bring us into a state of suspension that makes us leave our comfort zone, forcing us to find new perspec​tives that will help us to transcend beyond the apparent barriers. When this card come to the table, we will be facing facts that will break our scheme, leaving us astonished and submerging us in a state of unpleasant contemplation. Situations that will force us to gather our experience and put our mental faculties at work to the limit theirs capacity . Reality will subjugate us and relegate us to inaction.

Keywords: sacrifice, discomfort, inaction. Inverted the card is also referring to a discomfort and sacrifice, but this will be shorter in time.


This card talks us about a sudden and dramatic change. The death indicates both, the end or the beginning of a period of our lives. As announcement of a beginning of another phase, the card is loaded with a blunt, sharp energy, which forces us to leave behind our past, and evolve, in order to fit in future settlement ​of events. However, this severe imposition gives space to new plantings.The death force us with its​ scythe to reap what is sown. Either way, the death is a difficult card for those who are not comfortable with change.

Keywords: change, transition, transformation. Inverted, the card speak of stagnation, of being attached to situation we should left behind.


Temperance alludes to the calm and self-control that is necessary to achieve results through cooperation and understanding with others. Temperance tells us to settle differences through dialogue and the union of opposites. The cards invites us, though, to control ours emotions and to make a firmly compromise with our judgments, in which all the perspective would be taken into consideration. The card talk about moderation and harmony that lead us to a good relation with our physical and spiritual self and, of course, with other Keywords: balance, dialogue, union of opposites, patience. Inverted the card talks about conflict, stress, lack of accord and dialogue

The Devil:

This card represents the dark side of our personality: lies, tricks and manipulation. But it also represents everything that makes us incur​ the dark path​. The devil represents, therefore, temptation and everything we do, knowing that it will bring us negative consequences. The card not only talk temptation about material temptations (gluttony, lust); but also emotional
ones (the band that ties us up to people who cause us harm). In de same fashion, the card also talk about violation of the rules, both moral and social. The devil is a whimsical character, who has fun doing heavy jokes, and who does not meet standards in order to achieve their purposes.

Keyword: Addition, ambition, sexo, physical and emotional abuse, tyranny. Inverted: in this position the card is alluding to the fact that we are freeing ourself from boundary, but it can also represent the rage of the evil by being frustrated in its ambitions. Turbid issues.

The tower:

On its negative side, this card announces, fatalities: we will see how our plans vanish before our eyes; the vision we had of life is falling apart. The card precede sudden, unexpected and unpleasant changes that put our lives upside down. Maybe we are not in the best moment of our life, maybe we are suffering from the existential anguish that comes​ after a tragedy, a relationship break-up, a professional failure. However, when everything has collapsed we also have the possibility to rebuild our lives without of false illusions and wrong patterns of behaviours.

Keywords: destruction, chaos, crisis, adversity, despair. Inverted, the cards talks about delay, inactivity and lack of structure.

The star​:

represents the light at the end of the tunnel, the hoop that makes us trust in a more promising future. ​Beside this​ visionary aspect, the star also speaks to us of the opportunities that presented to us and about our connection with the universe and the infinite possibilities that it offers us.

The star invite us to left our fears behind and to have the faith to affront life with a positive gaze. After the tower, the star comes as the spiritual help that we help us to stand up from the debacle with opstim.

Naivety, inspiration, illusion, luck, faith. Inverted the card talks about fear, lack of faith, false illusion and despair.

Moon: This card represents the hidden side of the human psyche, the hidden forces that move around us beyond the merely mundane. The moon is, then, the card of the occult in all its dimension. So, this card can tell us about unexplained hunches and about a connection with the occult beyond the explicable. We can use the power of the moon to escape from reality, or to connect to it from a more abstract level, that leads us to the origin of things.

The moon is also the card of fear, a fear that we create in our mind, but that is alerting us both about underlying situations, as well as from the personal demons with which we have to deal. Therefore, these card can also speaks of an states of desolation in which we find no way out; we can not face our fears.

The card can also be talking about about turbid and unclear issues, such as dark secrets, deceit, rumour. Keywords: Dark period, secrets, hidden forces, situation or people who are not trustworthy. Inverted, the card gives us awareness about shadowy situations and persoons.


When this cards appears in our spread all negative aspect get to be relegated to a second plane. The letter refers to periods in which we will witness the conclusion of our objectives. The germinal energy of the sun becomes our accomp​lice to help us in our projects. We live a moment of positivity and optimism. The sun illuminates the situations that kept us in a state of uncertainty, expanding its light on the darkness of our soul; we are now free to grow with joy and optimism.

Keyword: Energy, triumph, friendship, secrets that come to light. Inverted, the can refers to plans that are, yet growth, but frustrated. It also talk about obsessive state of​ mind.

The Judgment:

This card is a call of renewal, it invite us to take new paths in our lives, to purify ourselves and start over again. The judgment invites you to leave the obsolete and to reevaluate our life and our decisions. The judgment also speaks to us about situations in which we will be put to the test - or we will put ourselves to the test - by being subjected to a critical process in which our failures will be revealed to be corrected. The judgment awakens what was asleep in us, makes us aware and confronts us with a reality that we had relegated to the background. This is the opportunity to renew ourselves from our current perspective. The judgment forces us to review our actions, teaching life lessons that we can now put into practice. Keywords: Renovation, purification, called. Inverted the cards is warning us about changes and decision we should make, but we are not listening

The world: With this arcana we reach the culmination, at the perfect end. The card of the world let us see a restored world, an state of things that we have accomplished after having gone through many stages that have taken us to a level of union and perfection. A feminine figure triumphantly dancing, and surrounded by all the element of nature, earth (the material life), water (the emotional life), air (the intellectual life) and fire (the sexual life, passion and creativity). The card speaks, of course, about triumph and fulfilment - we have overcome all adversities of the arcanas’s journey- and we have arrived safe at the end of the trip. This complexion
leads to a change, to a cycle closure. Your world​ is in complete order; It is time to re-sow. You have learned everything from the past, the good and the bad, and you have managed to unite your experiences harmoniously. Your vision is clear, you have all the knowledge and you master them. Now you have everything at your disposal, in addition to the recognition of those around you. Keywords: Triumph, culmination, opportunity. Inverted the card refers to situation that are denied to us, we don't have enough equipment to confront a certain situation. People is ignoring us.  
Date: 28-03-'19

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