Seeing aura's

Seeing auras. It may take some practice, but almost everyone can see his or her own aura. Seeing is not for everyone, but with practice, it's possible to see the first layers.

Feeling your aura

Rub your hands together for a while, and then hold them 10 cm's apart from each other. You can feel your hands tingle. Now move your hands slowly towards each other, and pull away again. You feel some kind of magnetic power. In the beginning you can only feel it, when you are holding your hands very close together. But if you practice, you can feel this energy. Even if you hold your hands 50 cm's apart. Practice this a few times, and try to relax, it cannot be forced.

Practice with your aura and chakra's 

You can practice this with your whole aura and chakras. With certain chakras you will feel more energy than with others. Perhaps you feel that your hands are drawn towards a certain place in your aura or chakra. Place your hands, and heal yourself. Always heal yourself from Source energy, and ground yourself before this exercise.

To feel auras is not that difficult. You can also try to feel auras of people around you. Place your hands on your partner. Keep them above their crown chakra. Move your hands through their aura. Go up, down, and feel how large their aura is at that moment. Feel the different layers. Many people who are right-handed, feel more energy with right, and the other way around. If you can't practice on people, you can practice on animals, plants, even on crystals, they are all alive and have an aura.

Seeing auras

It's easiest to see auras if you have a white background. Place your hand in front of a white wall, or white piece of paper. Stare at your hand, and between your fingers, don't just look at one spot. Relax your eyes. Don't try to look with your physical eyes. But from your third eye chakra. It's the sixth chakra, also called the brow chakra. Where it is located. Focus on your brow chakra.

Look between the fingers, and pretty soon you will see a white layer around your fingers and hand. And if you practice, around your whole body. It only workes if you are relaxed. Seeing auras together with a medium

Seeing auras. You can also see the aura of other people as well. Place them in front of a while wall. And look past this person, for instance, you can focus around the shoulders, or head. If you keep practicing, you will see the first white layer around the body. Eventually you will start to see colours. On certain place in the aura, but colours don't show all the time.

If someone is very angry for instance, you can see a lot of red in their aura. Or if someone is ill, brown, black or grey. When someone is balanced, you will see lots of green in their aura. If they have to use their mind, you can see a lot of yellow around the head.

Aura Colour Meaning
  • Red: Anger, having lots of energy, warmth. In some cases also pain. Grounded, assertive, passionate, energetic
  • Orange: Creativity, sensitivity, expressing emotions, compassionate, dreamy
  • Yellow: Focused on study, intelligence, logic, nervous, but also: positive, energetic, social, spontaneous, humor
  • Green: Balance, protection, healing, devotion, love, kindness, considerate, nourishing
  • Blue: Peace, communication, strong intuition, knowledge, compassionate, stability
  • Indigo: Spiritual gifts/developments, sacrifice, devotion, truth, peace
  • Violet: Spiritual ideals, intuition, loneliness, wisdom, teacher, passing down knowledge
  • Lavender: Soft character, peace, artistic, delicate
  • Pink: In love, Unconditional Love, gentleness, softness, self love
  • Brown: Illness, selfish
  • Grey: Illness, suppressed emotions, jealousy, depression, fear
  • Black: Extreme fatigue, depression, addiction, destruction, fears
  • White: Pure, connected to Source, life experience, purity
  • Gold: God energy, inner wisdom, strength and protection
  • Silver: Soft energy, wise old Soul, balance

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Date: 06-02-'24

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