Medium with pure intentions

Medium with pure intentions. How to you recognize a medium with pure intentions?
A medium with pure intentions receives information about you that he or she could not possibly know. They receive these messages via their contact with Angels, Spiritual Guides, deceased loved ones or prefer to lay and read cards. But they all work via their own intuition and innate gifts.

A medium with pure intentions takes your hand lovingly and shows you in what phase you are of your life. What lessons you have learnt and which one are still to come.

They advise in how to follow your own intuition and what the best way is to approach this. It is their objective to make your life more beautiful and happy, which also means that they do not hold back in speaking the truth. Honesty is not always beautiful. On the contrary, it can be rather confrontational. As such you know a medium will not just say what you want to hear, but honestly has your best interest at heart. Everyone needs to work hard to keep learning and developing.

Every medium has been through a lot themselves. These learnt life lessons, along with their born and trained gifts, allows them to help you in the best possible way.

You can perceive this kind of medium as a good friend who will help you on your way. They listen to your problems and immediately address the core. They peel away those build up layers so you can get closer to your True Self.

A medium can tune in into your loved ones and receive information about their character, receive their statements, feel their blockages or what is hindering further growth.

If the medium can provide time and time again information that he or she could not possibly know, or things that have come true, then rest assured you have found a medium with pure intentions.

A medium with good intentions:
- Will provide a good and calm feeling after a consultation;
- Stimulates you to work on yourself;
- Never brags about themselves;
- Is always honest, in a loving way;
- Never forces you to do something you are not yet ready for;
- Listen carefully and can read between the lines;
- Can read you;
- Has your best interest at heart;
- Contributes to your growing process, your development;
- Respects your Free Will;
- Prevents co-dependency;
- Never gets cross with you or acts impatiently;
- Shows understanding and allows you to be yourself;
- Never gives a “100% guarantee”;
- Helps you in dealing with your own emotions; how to express and accept them;
- Provides you with the tools to carry on;
- Warns you for possible problems or impending crisis, e.g. burn out;
- Is capable to see where your problems are coming from, and what you can do about it, this also goes for the health area but they can never provide any medical statements;
- Clearly states how your loved ones feel about you;
- Will not share if your pregnant or ever will be;
- Provides you a healing energy;
- Admits that they do not hold all wisdom and can therefore sometimes be wrong or need to wait to see if things will happen the way they predicted it;
- Assists you in answering the call of your Soul;
- Restores you into your own True Strength.

Be aware: Mediums are only humans, with mundane problems which means that one day they perform better than other days. A medium does not carry out a reading when he or she falls ill. And of course, a medium can ultimately lose their patience when you are too focussed on the future and lose sight of life in the Here and Now.

Every medium has the right to cease a consultation, especially if a client is treating them with disrespect. Every consultant works on a freelance basis which means they can decide who they do or do not wish to speak to.

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Date: 25-10-'17

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