Major arcana, minor arcana

The Tarot is an ancient psychological, pointing system that consists of 78 cards with images that relate to aspects of our daily spiritual life. The Tarot is used as an oracle. Many people use the interpreting of the cards to get answers to questions of all kinds.
Major and minor arcana

The 78 Tarot cards consist of two parts: the Major Arcana (22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards). Arcana is a Latin word. The literal meaning is "secret". The tarot cards hide big and little secrets: knowledge about the spiritual world, the mysterious and our hidden motives.
The minor arcana represents everyday life and symbolizes everyday events. The Minor Arcana is divided into 16 court cards (King, Queen, Knight and Squire) and forty number cards, ranging from Ace to ten. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana are archetypal trump cards indicating major events and experiences.
Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith

Tarot cards were allowed to rejoice at the beginning of the twentieth century in increasing interest. This had everything to do with the huge interest for the occult that there was during that time. It was certainly due to the efforts of Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith.
Arthur Waite can be seen as the spiritual father of the modern tarot game. The tarot existed since the Middle Ages, but was only used relatively recently as a means to understand and get answers to vital questions.
Symbolism of the Tarot
Arthur Waite devised new cards, which he filled with knowledge. The cards were drawn by Pamela Coleman Smith. Although there are hundreds of different tarot decks in circulation, the cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot which arose back then are still the most common tarot cards out there.
Although the name of Pamela Coleman Smith is barely linked to the tarot, her initials PCS can still be found on its designed cards. Take a good look and you'll see the letters on each card somewhere.

Fortunetelling, does it exist?

Traditionally, there are fortune tellers. In the past a future predictor was called a fortuneteller. These fortunetellers could be found at local fairs. Times have changed and now we talk of mediums, psychics, tarot card readers, etc. At the fair, however, one will no longer encounter fortunetellers.
In this modern day and age people can have their future predicted by calling a spiritual phone line 24 hours a day, if you need a medium or psychic for a future prediction is it really possible to call the medium whenever it suits you.
At the phone line of Clairvoyant available & consultants there work card readers, mediums, psychics who use pendulums, psychics and even fortune tellers who can communicate with a loved one on the other side. Our future forecasters are happy to assist you. Some fortune tellers are also accessible late at night so that you at can use their future predictions at night too, tell your story or just to speak your heart.
If you mail a photo to a spiritual counselor at Clairvoyant available & consultants and you call the spiritual counselor, the spiritual counselor can read the photo and give you a future prediction.
You can also use the SMS service for a small prediction or request a comprehensive e-consultation from a medium or psychic. It is even possible to chat with a spiritual counselor and get a quiet extended fortunetelling.
For our spiritual helpers no question is too much.
The experienced and motivated spiritual guides of Clairvoyant available & consultants are discreet and reliable and they are happy to help you.
For real fortunetelling call one of our spiritual guides!

When is the best time to call a psychic? Maybe there is something bothering you and you need to make a difficult decision. Many people find it difficult to make choices because they may wonder whether this is the right one. A psychic can help you to understand the matter more clearly.
These days many people have a hard time. They don’t feel happy and don’t know what the future will bring. A psychic can help you to find out where these feelings come from and how you can redesign your future. A psychic can advise and coach you and help you to move on.
A psychic can help you with physical complaints. Some people have symptoms which doctors can’t explain. Perhaps a psychic with the proper gifts can feel or see what is happening.
When you call a good psychic, he or she may surprise you. Often a psychic knows how to put his finger on the sensitive spot. He knows things about you and feelings that he could not actually know. A psychic can help you to discover why you feel something, he can give you a new insight. If you really want to get help from our psychics, you can call our spiritual guide. Our psychics will be happy to give you insights!

Psychics, The term psychic is very broad. Anyone with psychic abilities can call themselves a psychic. If someone really has psychic abilities, will always be a point of discussion. One definitely doesn’t believe, and will also not be convinced, while other people there are more open-minded. There are many different psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairsentient. A psychic has one or more of these gifts. A psychic can use those gifts to help people. He or she for example can provide them with insight about some choice and emotions or help with physical and mental problems.
What can a psychic exactly do and how can a psychic help you?
There are many different psychic abilities. A psychic has one or more. Below are the most common gifts, described with their unique abilities. This overview shows the main attributes, but the paranormal consists of many more qualities!

Most people who are looking for a psychic, look for a person who is clairvoyant. This is not a matter of a crystal ball and predicting the future. The term clairvoyance is quite wide. There are psychics who get visions of the future, too, there are also psychics who see images when they hold an object in their hands. When mentioning clairvoyance this can also mean seeing auras, spirits and looking inside the human body.
Psychics that are claircognizant , are very popular too. A psychic who is claircognizant is getting answers which he cannot explain, but he is sure that they are correct. He can get answers in images, but also in words.

A psychic who is clairaudient hears sounds that normal human beings don’t hear. There are many different possibilities here. The psychic could hear voices in themselves, for example, that advise him, but he can also hear thoughts of other people.
When a psychic is clairsentient, he will be able to feel energy. He can feel the energy and emotions of a person, but also the energy of the surroundings. For example, they can feel something bad has happened at a crime scene.

It sounds special, but some psychics can smell certain energies. This can be a disease and / or an ailment in the body, but also a person's character. Also, a person who is deceased can evoke a certain smell in psychics.
Most psychics have one or more paranormal gifts. They can use it to help people. A psychic can see or feel what is wrong with you and figure out the best way to tackle it. A psychic will advise you and this will help you to move on or it will give you support.
Date: 09-06-'17

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