Learn to cope with high sensitivity

Learn to cope with high sensitivity. Highly sensitive persons are people who receive too much stimulation and need time to process it. They are people who cannot stay often or too long in crowded environments since it really wears them out.

People with a high sensitivity prefer to be on their own within their personal energy. Despite that they do have to go out and those moments leave them vulnerable to the negative energies of other people, e.g. work, birthdays, family, friends etc.

How do you deal with this high sensitivity? This leaves a question mark for a lot of people since they do not know where to begin.

Please find below some tips:

- Never go against your own feeling, your intuition never lies and it is of the utmost importance to learn to trust it. It is not something you need to be ashamed for;
- Ground/earth yourself at least 3 times a day, even more when you have a busy day, before going to work or facing other people and finish it before you go to sleep;
- Protect yourself well, for example by wearing protective gem stones (Peridot, Tiger Eye, Labradorite) or by visualising a golden white orb of light around your aura;
- Withdraw yourself on a regular basis when you feel you need it;
- Spend a lot of time in nature, she helps you to connect to Earth, reassures your mind and replenishes your energy;
- Set your own boundaries and no longer sacrifice yourself;
- Do net let the people who call you a ‘poser’ get to you, they do not possess any emphatic ability, you do not have to be friends with people who judge you anyway;
- Spend a shorter time somewhere if you have an obligation or retreat yourself a bit more often, e.g. going to the toilet or outside, to clear your mind;
- Do not keep being accountable, it drains your energy and gains you nothing in the end. If someone else can choose their own way, why not you as well? Love yourself.
- Do not constantly feel responsible for your environment, family or loved ones, you joined this Earth first and foremost to make yourself happy. If you collapse, you cannot be any help at all to those who lean on you;
- Self-worth is not selfish, every person who loves themselves should make and follow their own choice;
- Meditate every day or get a regular massage, do something that relaxes you and what brings you joy;
- Be open and honest to your colleagues, do not constantly give away the credit. You know, you are not so bad yourself;
- Surround yourself with nature and animals, it will give you energy and provides you with Unconditional Love;
- Be aware that people can never return as much as you give them, do not expect them to either. Find Love within yourself, so your environment is no longer just a filler, but can complement your life;
- Work out regularly, this will help you to stay grounded. You can also clean, dance, do yoga or something similar if you do not like to work out;
- Creativity helps you to stay focussed on yourself, to turn inward and receive energy. Try drawing, painting, writing, play music, sing, dance etc.;
- Do things because you like them and let go of friends who only cause drama in your life;
- Only give your energy to people who do the same for you;
- Do not let yourself be emotionally blackmailed (guilting you);
- Instead of giving yourself 100% make it 50% and you will find that your environment will not notice the difference and you will be less tired;
- A lot of high sensitive people are reclusive, do not cut yourself completely off from the outside world, but rather make shorter stays, e.g. just a few hours at a birthday party;
- Do not let yourself be controlled by fears but try to conquer them instead, be proud when you do and celebrate your victory by rewarding yourself;
- If you feel the need to cry, then cry. Do not hold back, it is a purification and you will feel much more relieved after that;
- Pay close attention when you have mood swings, when did your mood changed, was there a person with a negative energy in your house or aura? Ground and protect yourself properly and you will no longer feel the effects;
- Think about the things you enjoyed doing as a child and pick up those hobbies again. Your Inner Child wants to play and be happy and at the same time heal traumas from your past;
- Ask your surroundings for a bit of understanding when you are having difficulties with hard sounds or bright lights. If possible try to avoid places like this as much as possible;
- Despite not coping well with fights, know that some people need to hear the truth before they can even start thinking about changing themselves;
- Let go of your perfectionism.

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Date: 25-10-'17

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