True Soul Sisters

True Soul Sisters, True friendships are very hard to discover and when fount are cherished forever. True friends are with us through good times and bad times., Their good company is always welcomed and enjoyed. A true friend brings a bit of much-needed sunshine into our lives. They provide us a safe haven and peace of mind. You are able to confide and trust them with your most private feelings and thoughts.

Once you have found someone who you can truly call your soul sister your life is enriched with happiness, constant companionship and a connection you will share forever. A soul sister is the one person in the world you know is always going to be there for you.

Soul Sisters easily identify with one anther's life experiences and the pain and happiness affiliated with them. You're easily able to admire each other's qualities, ones that complement your own. And you rise above life experience because you build one another up.

There is an invisible veil to your friendship that can be difficult to explain a soul bond. It is this bond that brought you together in the first place and ties your hearts together in a lasting friendship. The individuals who enter this stage of your life are there because they are connected to your soul they are soul sisters, this bond has grown out of a lifetime of experiences shared and you have grown more in tune with each other and bonded through love. There is an ease to your relationship and a familiarity that you are merely reuniting in this lifetime.

Soul sisters enter your life guiding you towards your higher purpose, helping you to learn life lessons and move forward on your journey. They touch your heart and help you to grow more into who you authentically have always been.

Soul Sisters are often like a mirror, offering you reflections exposing parts of your own personality. Your soul sister will help remove your veil, making you realize you can have it all too, if only you could step out of the shadows and allow your light to shine. A soul sister represents an undiscovered part of one's self, that it is only discovered when paths cross, it is then your journey begins together, and never again will you have to journey through this life alone.

Soul Sisters provide comfort to us in knowing a whole new world has opened up for us, and we are destined to share it together. You and your soul sister each play a valuable role in one another destiny and it's not until you meet that you gain this perspective. Patterns from previous lifetimes are often repeated in this life so that both learn the valuable lesson they had intended to learn. Each life is perfectly designed to learn about the choice of love. Soul Sister, are eternally connected by a heart bond which is an example of the true power of love.

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Date: 13-11-'16

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