Swiping Right on Your Psychic

Okay, so maybe you don’t have to swipe right to find a psychic.

But you do have to click, tap, or scroll around to find the one you want to talk to.

I think the comparison to popular app Tinder is valid. After all, Tinder advertises itself as being your best wing-man, and so do sites like Mediumchat, which is dedicated to making sure you find your perfect fit in a reader.

But what is the perfect fit?

When you click, that’s what.

It’s quite a lot like clicking with someone you’ve just met, and within minutes, felt like you’ve known forever.
Unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t happen very often.

So you have to do your due diligence.

Clicking with a psychic is an elusive and wonderful thing. Every word that comes out of that psychic’s mouth will make sense to you. They will communicate in a way that just resonates with your soul. You will have similar senses of humour. Often, you will even communicate using the same slang, and your mindset will be so remarkably similar you will want to shout hallelujah to the heavens.

If you haven’t experienced that yet – swipe right.

There are millions of psychics for a reason.

Only a handful can connect with you in the way you most want. Like family you want to be around, a best friend, or confidant you can always count on. I’m confident you are an old soul, and because of this, well able to pick and choose the people you associate with quite carefully. And while I know you can and probably have found psychics who get the job done ably, there is nothing quite like clicking with a psychic so profoundly, it seems to shake your entire being and leave you smiling after your session.

I know, because I’ve “swiped right” before.

I don’t know how often we talk about it, but psychics go to see other psychics. Not to gain tips, gossip, or try to scam clients (refer back to my article on consequences for why), but to find out about themselves.

We don’t know, you see.

There are some things we do know – I knew I’d have only sons, for example, and that my son would have a granddaughter, and other, inconsequential things. But if and when I am truly worried about something, I often go to another psychic I trust and one with whom I click.

It took me years to find that handful of readers who make me laugh, who have had occasion to cry with me, and who hold my hand when the going gets tough and I just want to hide. More often than you might think, people forget to think of psychics as human beings. Too often, we are oracles, nameless and featureless, even if we’re online and have our pictures proudly displayed, or a symbol representing our spiritual beliefs. I’m not complaining – I’ve got a job to do and I love my job. In fact, my next blog will feature the indescribable joy a psychic has when they connect as they should, and our chagrin when we don’t connect as well as we should.
But I believe there is a reason you get only a handful of psychics assigned to you in this lifetime. You are unique and priceless, and so the connection you have with your psychic should thrill you right down to your very toes, and make your soul sing.

Search for something long enough, and in time, the journey will prove worth it.
© Leah 
Date: 06-12-'17

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