Patience and the Soulmate

“You are not crazy,” I often find myself telling clients, “but you are in a soulmate relationship.”

Soulmate relationships are well known to psychics for the amount of challenges they present to each half of a soulmate couple. This type of relationship can go by several other names: twin flame, twin love, kindred spirit and many others – but all variations on the same exact relationship psychic are so familiar with.

We psychics know soulmate relationships best by their challenges. One incredibly common test of a soulmate relationship is that one or both of the soulmates are often in a relationship when they first meet; quite often one or both are married. In my experience, it’s much more surprising for soulmates to meet when they are not involved with someone else, though from time to time it does happen. And while the time soulmates have known one another can vary by months or decades, the connection soulmates feel is unmistakable. It is the overwhelming strength and almost immediate preoccupation with one’s soulmate that leads me to reassuring my clients they aren’t losing their minds when they meet their other half.

The issues in a soulmate are many and varied, and I hope to cover many of them right here on this blog. By far the most common challenge I see in a soulmate relationship is that one half of the pair is almost always more evolved spiritually (an older soul) than the other. This leads to one half of the couple patiently waiting, while the other runs away – sometimes right into the arms of another.

In the majority of cases I’ve come across, the older soul of the two is waiting for their soulmate. There is a good reason for this, as older souls tend to be in touch with their own emotions. The more spiritually evolved soulmate is much more likely to be motivated to figure out why; why do I feel so strongly for this person? Why did this happen so suddenly? Why, when I’d toss any other person to the curb who treated me in this way do I continue to let this one person treat me like this?

Why, oh why, can’t I let go?

The younger soul of the pair tends to be more perplexed and at times, even fearful of this sudden, incredibly powerful connection they share with another. They feel exposed and vulnerable in ways they’ve never felt, which prompts them to leap up and run away as far and fast as they can.

Yet they always come back.

In nearly twenty years of reading, I’ve never encountered a situation where a soulmate has walked off and never come back. They have to come back; have to reach out to know their other half is waiting patiently for them.

They have to know they’ve got a chance.

So then, the one thing my clients have the most difficult time believing – as inevitably they are the ones waiting for their other half to reach out again – is that it is their choice if they allow their soulmate back into their lives or not. This is easily understood when one realises the older soul of the pair is not out there looking for someone else, but still desperately trying to figure out why it is they can’t shake off the feeling deep down that this is not over, no matter how high the odds seem stacked against them.

The older souls sense, without knowing why, that there is a path forward for themselves and their soulmate to be happy together. They accept the path forward will be tricky and perhaps lead to a dead end or two where they must double back to find their way ahead again – together.

 They have faith that the price they pay will be worth the sacrifice they make, in waiting.

And when their soulmates repay their faith and finally reappear?

They are willing to lead the way, if only their other halves will follow.

© Leah  
Date: 01-10-'17

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