Paid in Full: Mediums

Paid in Full: Mediums, When I was a child, I used to talk to my grandmother every night.

She was always wearing a black dress with white flowers printed on it, and glasses covered her wide-set brown eyes, which twinkled merrily down at me more often than not.

It didn’t matter to me that she was dead.

Because of course, I knew she wasn’t.

It was a little harder for my parents. My father, in particular was unsettled, to say the least, when I told him all about his mother. Even my own mother, who is also psychic, was startled at the amount of details I had to share after my nightly chats with Grandma.

Don’t get me started on what the church my parents took me too thought.

I was three months old when she died.

I know from speaking to other mediums that their early childhood unfolded in much the same manner. More often than not, each of them reached out to their loved one, who was more than happy to spend as much time as they could carve out of their busy schedules on the Other Side. Our passed over loved ones don’t spend their time floating on clouds over there, but that’s a topic for another blog.

For now, it’s enough to know that they are busy, and that this is why they don’t always come when called. They’ve got people to talk to, places to go, and things to do. I often describe this to people who have another loved one come through instead of the person they wanted by telling them it’s exactly like taking a call in the middle of an important meeting.

Sometimes, the loved one you most want to talk to will “silence” their phone if they are in the middle of something important, but someone else you love will hear your special ringtone and answer in their place, instead. Frequently, they’ll tell you to call back to get your loved one later, when they aren’t in the middle of something – but only after they have a good chat with you to catch up.

This isn’t possible for mediums after around seven or eight years of age, though I’ve heard of mediums that have made it to age ten who could talk to and see their loved ones.

There’s a very good reason for this: if we could see and talk to all those we love every single day, what incentive would we have to read for you? Or indeed, live in the real world at all? It would be too easy for us to lose ourselves in the happenings taking place on the Other Side. We might decide to wait it out by speaking with people who are there, rather than attempt to make a living, or indeed, continue to live at all, over here.

We are not abandoned altogether, however. Every now and again, a beloved family member who has passed over will enter our dreams and let us know all is well. This can take decades after that person has passed, but it suffuses our whole spirit with hope and renewed purpose when they visit.

The door never fully closes, for mediums. But it does change.

What’s behind the door is now meant for you.

© Leah  
Date: 07-01-'18

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