Old Souls

Objects in the Mirror May Appear Younger than they are

I met an eight year old today that isn’t eight years old at all.

He’s more like two thousand twenty eight – with all the experiences and wisdom such a long life would lend someone of such an advanced age. And because he is an advanced (old) soul, the obstacles placed in the path of this boy, and the setbacks he will experience in life, are going to reflect challenges only someone his psychic age would experience as he grows older.

Not for nothing are old souls tested young and often.

Most psychics are drawn to old souls. We aren’t drawn to them as moths to the flame, but as house plants carried into the sunlight. For with us, as with so many, old souls give us light, and warmth, and even an example to live by.

But oh, what old souls go through to shine so bright.

Psychics know advanced souls based on what they’ve gone through. An old soul never lives an easy life. They are often isolated and alone when young. Isolated in part because they are so far ahead of their peers in terms of maturity and understanding, and also, because it’s not necessary for them to repeat the mistakes of the young when they’ve already made them, learned from them, and moved on to the next part of their education.

Quite frequently when they are younger physically, old souls give and never take for themselves. They do this very young, often as children, and this can become a real issue as the old soul grows older physically. In their teens and early twenties, their efforts are taken for granted far too often. They tend to go above and beyond in their giving, to the point it becomes expected that the older soul will go on giving without getting one bit of their investment in their personal or professional lives back.

But thankfully, this is a relatively short-lived phase. Because as advanced souls grow a bit older in physical age, they learn who is worthy of what they have to give – and who is not. Without younger souls being aware of it, the older soul will pick and choose carefully between who will appreciate what they have to give, and who will only take greedily without giving a single thought of what it cost the older soul to give what they did.

Advanced souls are not allowed to drift along in life, however. Most of their lives, older souls witness younger souls who seem to have only but to reach out with their hands and take whatever they want, without punishment or consequence. Given that old souls work hard and nearly non-stop for what they get, this can often be a disheartening situation for an older soul to encounter if they aren’t aware of how advanced a soul they’ve got. I feel very fortunate on the frequent occasions I get to let an old soul know exactly why it is they’ve gone through the trials and tribulations they have, because lucky breaks are few and far between, for the old soul. More often, it’s through soul crushing effort they accomplish what they set out to do.

Being an older soul is quite like going to graduate school, really. Old souls will graduate with advanced degrees for their hard work and effort. Their education must be more difficult than younger souls; because it is not through easy lessons advanced souls learn what they’ve set out to. In fact, an old soul will often to be found working busily on their umpteenth doctorate degree, while much younger souls are still being given the bottle and getting their diapers changed.

Surprising though it might sound to you, it is never terribly surprising to any given psychic to watch a forty or seventy year old person rant and rave like a child who thinks it’s unfair to get homework assigned them at primary school. To be sure, we may shake our heads regretfully at their outburst, but adults, through long and wise experience, know the homework must be done, difficult though it may be at times.

Hard work with occasional painful lessons is really the only way one can earn their degree at all.

© Leah 
Date: 01-10-'17

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