Meditation Archangel Gabriel

Meditation Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel means: 'God is my strength'.

Archangel Gabriel is an Angel with a lot of female energies, whereas Archangel Michael is the male energy.

Dispite the fact that Angels are sexless, they can represent certain energies, so they can guide, comfort and heal you.

In some situations you will require more male energies, for strength and power. And sometimes you will need the female energies; following your intuition and heart.

Archangel Gabriel is connected to the White Ray. This is the Ray of Harmony and Purity. Archangel Gabriel is also strongly connected to Mother Mary, who is also seen in white, or blue/white energy.

Archangel Gabriel can help you connect to your intuition and emotional life. He teaches you that you don't have to fear your own emotions, you don't have to suppress them.

Archangel Gabriel is also connected to the Moon and Moon energies; which also represent the female energies.

Invoke Archangel Gabriel if you need clarity and purity in your life. Also if you need to be cherished, and comforted. His energy is very loving, and will embrace you like a white blanket of light. He will make you feel less alone.

Use the meditation below to connect yourself with Archangel Gabriel.

You can use white crystals like: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Angel Aura Quartz, Girosal Opal, etc.

Burn white candles, or use flowers (lily, lotus or rose).

- First ground yourself carefully;
- Visualize a white Ray of Light entering your crown chakra;
- This is the White Ray of Purity, cleansing all your chakras;
- If the White Ray enters your heart chakra, it will open your heart, and helps you to receive Unconditional Love;
- She purifies all suppressed emotions, sadness, dissapointment and insecurities;
- Ask Archangel Gabriel to help you; to heal your Inner Child;
- Ask if He can cherish and comfort you;
- If He can give you strength, whenever you feel you can't go on;
- Aks Him to guide you, by taking decisions concerning the heart;
- Feel how this White Light purifies your whole body and chakras;
- Feel how you are being cleansed from negative emotions and thinking patterns;
- Ask Archangel Gabriel if you can break through the vicious cycle;
- And most of all if you can, claim Love for yourself, knowing that you are Worth it;
- Archangel Gabriel is connected to white flowers, especially lilies, visualize this lily in your heart chakra, to receive his Love, or place lilies in your house, to cleanse the energy;
- His energy is loving, cherishing and peaceful;
- He teaches you that you are worth it, also being listened to, and that your emotions are allowed to be there;
- He can also help you understand your dreams, of helps you to get rid of fears;
- Archangel Gabriel teaches you how to truly love yourself, and to let go of being so strict for yourself, to let go of your ego, and to be happy and content;
- Self-acceptance, is his message for you;
- If you feel the meditation coming to it's end, please thank Archangel Gabriel, and ground yourself again. Visualize the White Light surrounding your aura, and how it will protect you throughout the day.

Archangel Gabriel Message to you:

Dear Earthling,

Fill your Heart with peace and joy,
So you may understand the dance of life.

Life is like ebb and flood
Nothing stays the same forever
Accept this in life, but also from yourself
And know that you are already perfect in the eyes of God!

Invoke Me, when you are sad,
Also if you are having trouble expressing your emotions.
Expressing your emotions is one of the most important life lessons.
Don't run away from it, but embrace it.
So you may heal yourself fully.

Invoke my White Ray of Purity and Harmony
To find peace in your heart, spirit and body

Cherish your Inner Child and listen to him/her
So you can fulfill your hearts desires
And break through very old (family) karma.

Life is full of Love.
Open your Heart and see,
That everything shall be given to you,
from the Source of Pure Love.

I bless all of you
So that Light Rays may touch your heart,
and enlighten your Soul.

I Am Archangel Gabriel

© Medium Arlette
Date: 30-11-'16

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