Living in the Here and Now

Living in the Here and Now, we’ve all heard about it, and it's very in these days. But for many people it's still very hard to do. Especially because there is a lot of distraction in life, like youre cell phone, your social life, housekeeping etc.

Why is living in the Here and Now so important?
Every human being needs to relax every once in a while. We need to get out of the 'work-mode', or to always be available for others. It's very healthy to be a hermit sometimes. To do your own thing, and to experience some inner peace.
Of course it's harder for people with a busy family life, but certainly not impossible.

Plan at least 15 to 20 minutes a day for yourself, 30 minutes is even better, or longer. If you are a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), one hour a day is advisable, even a few hours a day, but of course it's not possible every day.

Talk to your partner and children, and tell them you want to be left alone for at least 30 minutes, and go to your own room. This can be your bedroom, but also a meditation room. Actually, anywhere, where you can just retreat, and be yourself.

To get back into the Here and Now, you first need to ground yourself. Because everyone lives inside his head, you can no longer feel your body, and it's completely ignored, most of the time.

Most people that are in pain, get some medicine, which never handles the root problem of the pain. Only a few people learn nowadays to really listen to their body. And your children will always act in the same way, you do.

The way to ground, is to physically move your body. If you don't like to exercise, you can go out and work in the garden, walk the dog, go dancing, do yoga, etc.

Or let someone massage your whole body, this also helps a lot, to release all the pain, and get into contact with your body again.

When you get home, turn off your phone at some point in the evening, so you can be really there for your partner and children. So you are truly listening to their stories, when they tell you about their day at school, or work.

If they don't get this loving attention, they will go seek it somewhere else, with friends, on their phone, internet etc.

Living in the Here and Now is no different than being in the moment. You can also be in the moment while you are doing the dishes. You should feel every movement, experience it, and be totally focused on this one task.

Being creative, is a very good way to be in the Here and Now. You are completely focused on what you are creating.

Most people are scared to be alone with their own thoughts, and they are seeking distracting, day and night. There are even people that can't handle the silence, and have the radio or tv on, all day long.

They don't like to be confronted with their own feelings. Their lives are very busy, and still they try to plan more and more appointments, in one week. Because they'd rather do that, than to be alone with their own thoughts!

Know there is nothing to be afraid of. Just allow and experience all these feelings, just let them be. Is is sadness, just cry.

Is it fear, what is behind this fear? Is it insecurity, where does it come from. Do you see images from your past? You can learn so much about yourself this way. About your fears, your trauma, that hasn't been processed yet. What are your life lessons?

And sometimes, when you are alone, there are no feelings anymore. You are clear and pure, and life is good. It's nice just to be alone, in your OWN aura.

Know that nothing has to happen, it's all ok. It's your time, and you can spend it anyway you like to.

Ways to get back into the Here and Now, are:

- To ground yourself: exercising, dancing, yoga etc.;
- Being creative, and expressing yourself;
- Meditation;
- To plan free time for yourself, to do what you love most;
- Breathing exercises (if you can't think of anything else to focus on);
- Get rid of all the distractions in life; turn off your phone, tv, radio etc.;
- Dare to look at yourself in all honesty, and confront your greatest fears;
- Get a massage;
- Look at yourself from Unconditional Love;
- Listen to your Inner Child, and play with it as well;
- Some people use incense, essential oils, crystals, and flower remedies, to calm themselves;
- Which colour makes you peaceful? Visualize this colour, and breath in the colour, feel how soothing it is. You can also buy a lamp in your favorite colour. Know that active colours don't really help to calm down (like red, orange or yellow); but stick to: green, blue, pink and purple;
- Close your eyes, and relax, you don't have to do anything, just Be yourself;
- Get connected to Nature, it brings peace to every human being. Try to enjoy what you see and feel, and breath in the fresh air, be consciously present;
- Converse with yourself, are you happy? If not, what would you like to work on? Make a to-do list, so you can release these thoughts. And work on yourself later, when you are done relaxing;
- Are you unhappy because of circumstances in life surrounding you? Know that nobody can ever make you feel weak, unless you allow this to happen. Don't feed negative people, or situations;
- You only have one body, take good care of it, and allow it to rest. If you are physically healthy, you will be mentally healthy as well;
- If you believe in a God, Source, or Angels, invoke them, and ask them to purify your body from negative energy. Also ask for healing, and inner peace and guidance. Always thank them afterwards.

© Medium Arlette
Date: 28-12-'16

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