To start a chat, you will first have to register. This is possible at the bottom of this page and is free. Then log in to your own account, which you have now created, by registering. Now you can purchase credits in your own account. We have the following credits packages. 
Mediumchat4all.co.uk has super attractive credits offers:
Basic: 10 Credits
€10,00 (€1,00 per credit)
10 Credits
(€1,00 per credit)
Bronze: 20 Credits
€19,00 (€0,95 per credit)
20 Credits
(€0,95 per credit)
< Most chosen package
Silver: 40 credits
€38,00 (€0,95 per credit)
40 credits
(€0,95 per credit)
Gold: 80 credits
€54,00 (€0,90 per credit)
80 credits
(€0,90 per credit)
< Greatest value
$ £

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