Embrace Your Individual Spirituality

Embrace Your Individual Spirituality. Do not hide your ‘spiritual side’ from the rest of your life. In doing so, not only do you divide the indivisible but you also compartmentalize spirituality. Your spirituality should take you deeply into your life. Into the things, you both love and fear. So that you can emerge with a new understanding of yourself. The world, and your place within one another.

Fear and love

Fear is a motivating force, which will stop you from embracing your spirituality, At some point in life, you have felt the need to hide your spirituality out of fear. Of criticism and judgment of others and of oneself.

Truly free

To be truly free, you must search deep within your true soul self. And muster up the courage to overcome your fear. By doing this you will defeat your fear. And no longer fear the judgment of oneself or others. You now have gained the ability to embrace your individual spirituality. No longer allowing fear to keep you isolated. And limited on expressing love for yourself and others. It is the best feeling to be truly free and happy.

Embrace love for yourself

When we express and embrace love, we allow ourselves to open up to all which life has to offer. Passion, acceptance, and excitement. All this is part of the process to truly embracing one's own spirituality. As it is all this which defines us spiritually. Which is the ability to love one another unconditionally free of judgment.

The power of love

There is no stronger power than that of love. Love defeats all fear, all evil. Love is overpowering and consuming. As human beings we set out into life for that one longing. To be loved because we know there is no greater gift to be given.

Opening up and embracing your true self is a journey. Soul searching takes you through the deepest parts of your being exposing your most inner desires and fears.You must center yourself and become so open to everything around you to see you within.

Life itself

The only thing in this life is life itself and it has to be conquered and triumphed. There is so much to learn and understand and so little time to do it. Time is ever changing holding onto it is like holding water in your hands. There is no greater time than now. To toss your fears of ridicule and shame or judgment. And start embracing your spirituality.

Fear is evil

Fear is evil. It keeps us from reaching the goal of finding the beauty of life and each other. It shackles you down and preys on your mind. Its only purpose is to cage you inside of yourself. You have to overcome every obstacle fear throws your way. There is a lion us all. A strong fire burning within yearning for the chance to break free.

Become love instead of fear

Overcome your fear. Know that you are powerful enough to withstand and defeat anything that comes your way. Open your mind and free your heart to the world around you. There is where you will find love and peace. You will find your true individual spirituality. Chat about it with a medium on Mediumchat

Date: 07-02-'24

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