Cleansing your home of spirits

Cleansing your home of spirits. Have you ever walked into a home and immediately feel dreadful? You start feeling sick for an unknown reason. But as soon as you leave you’re fine? Well, you are not the only one. That feeling was your spirits way of telling you. You were around bad energy.

We are not aware of energy

Most people coincide with this bad energy unaware there is a way to cleanse it from their lives and their homes. I like to cleanse my home after family visits. Or if my intuition tells me too. Sometimes bad energy can rub off on someone we know. And stick to us wishing to dampen our lives. It's like the old saying "smiles are contagious." Well so goes the same for bad energy.

Just clean your house after visit

The first step to cleansing your home is to actually clean it. Yes, I know. But I am serious. There is nothing better than a clean home. The fresh smells, clean floors, clean bathrooms. And tidy bedroom can do a lot to help you relax and enjoy your home. It doesn't have to be magazine ready. Just a quick rub down should do the trick. A home filled with tiny people is a never ending story. So if it's not perfect, don't sweat it.

Moving onto step two

Before your spiritually cleanse your home you MUST cleanse your spirit. You can do this by getting a white sage smudge stick. You can either buy one online or make your own. If you do choose to make one yourself.Make sure you use white colored string or twine to wrap the sage in. Light the sage and breathe it in. Then starting from your feet wave the sage back and forth while working your way up your body.

Simultaneously say a prayer either in your mind. Or out loud asking for blessing and cleansing of your spirit and power to cleanse your home. Give thanks and then continue to wrap the smoke around you. Imagine you are trying to cover yourself with the smoke. So that it touches all of you. Now you are ready to cleanse your home.

Cleansing from corner to corner

Working at the farthest area in the home from the front door. Enter the room, take your sage stick and going from corner to corner spread the smoke around the room. Make sure you go around windows if there are any. The Same applies for all the doorways to each room. While you spread the sage smoke in the room say a prayer of cleansing.

Evere time do it the same way to get rid of the bad spirits

When I cleanse my home I like to keep it simple and to the point. So I usually recite the same thing I say for myself in every room leading to the front door. The outside the front door. It usually sounds something like this: " I am asking for a blessing to cleanse my home from any toxic entity or spirits. I am commanding them to leave. They are not welcomed near me or in my home. Bless my home from evil or darkness. Only light will dwell here. I command you to leave now".

Blessings for the cleansing

After you have gone through your home and have made it to the front door. Say your blessing one more time, and then say thank you. Do not put the sage out, but lay it down on a tray. And let it continue to burn when the house is clean, it will go out. You can use this, however, many times you feel necessary or until you feel your home and self-are safe.

If you want to talk about energy, just chat with a medium of Mediumchat4all. Cleansing your home of spirits,will give you peace. 

Date: 15-02-'24

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