Child Psychics Life Experience in Readings

Children are among the most psychic creatures on this earth.

That doesn’t mean they should read professionally.

You see them, though, from time to time. Kids with healing abilities, clairvoyance, and all other sorts of assorted psychic gifts on full display for all to see.

I think people forget, sometimes.

That they are children, I mean. And as a psychic child myself, I can say that I was protected from some of the harder things I would come to see and feel as an adult. I don’t mean to say I never saw horrible things that would happen to other people, or that I didn’t know what other people thought of me and how they saw my family - for better and worse. But generally speaking, I was protected and allowed to grow into my abilities.
Psychic children reading professionally can’t do that.

They aren’t protected from the dark things they must see, for they are being broadcast, live or pre-recorded, to millions of people, all of whom want their turn in line. The problem inherent with this is that these children spit out information without any realisation of how the information they are conveying might be taken by those for whom they are reading.

Usually, it’s not well.

These children don’t have life experience to draw from. Psychic children who will grow up to use their gifts professionally must live through many of the experiences of the clients who will one day consult them. Until that happens, tact isn’t going to be a gift possessed by a psychic child.

 Let’s not forget that there are some things parents might have to explain to their psychic children in the course of a reading that their parents might have wished to delay for a time. Probably forever.

Sex is a really good example.

You don’t want a child pointing out that the man/woman of your dreams can’t get the job done for you intimately. Their parents don’t want to explain what their children are seeing or not seeing that applies to your dream man/woman, either. Yet sex counts in love. It is part of your happiness and satisfaction in a relationship, and for that reason, we must see if a potential partner will be compatible with you in a sexual way. The visuals for clairvoyants are not kid friendly in such cases. Not at all.

This example isn’t limited to children alone. There are tremendously gifted teenagers doing readings for adults today. They, too, lack life experience. Think about your average teenager talking about sex. Odds are higher than you’d want that they would begin to giggle uncontrollably if the person you are considering seeing is not compatible with you sexually.

This is why life experience is so crucial. It’s not just to spare the teens or children you see; it’s to spare you, too.

Recently, I wrote a blog about the consequences for psychics whose heads get a little too big from the recognition given to them for their abilities. Psychic children and teenagers, despite their lack of life experience, are not immune from this. In fact, if they are coddled and put on a pedestal for too long, they will surely be knocked off that pedestal as suddenly and precipitously as they delivered bad news to good people.

Psychic children need a chance to live a little before performing professional readings.

Life will correct them soon enough.

© Leah 
Date: 22-11-'17

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