Balance in the Soulmate Relationship

It’s not easy, being in a soulmate relationship.

In the beginning, there is no balance, no equilibrium. Because of this, I always picture a soulmate relationship as two adults sitting on a child’s seesaw – one quite high in the air, and the other so low they are almost sitting on the ground. In order to get off the seesaw, the soulmates must balance each side equally in order for both to dismount and walk off into the sunset together.

Finding that balance is the hardest part.

This is because each soul is at a different age, psychically speaking. In a previous blog post, I discussed old souls in general, but specifically when speaking of soulmate relationships, one half of the couple is going to be “older,” spiritually speaking. This serves a practical purpose, as no soulmate relationship is totally equal. Each person in any given relationship – be it soulmate or otherwise - should have something to learn, and something to teach their partner, or else things aren’t going to work out well long term.

In soulmate relationships, this tendency to teach and learn is magnified. The older, more advanced soul is the patient person in the soulmate relationship; the one who is admired and respected by other people for their wisdom. The “older” soulmate is usually found busily counseling, advising, and helping others solve the problems in their lives. Older soulmates are often isolated, not because they are alone, but because they have few people they can or will admit their troubles to. They have much to teach their younger half about responsibility, leadership, and the capability to handle any crisis calmly.

The “younger” soul in a soulmate relationship is ordinarily quite enthusiastic, excitable, and capable of spreading great joy to others. They are open, giving, warm, and charming in nearly every case, and can draw people out of themselves to join in their laughter and happiness – something an older soul craves, but gets so little of. A younger soul, while at times impatient and self-serving, can also be very protective of their older soulmate, realising their “older” soulmate needs time to themselves in order to recharge their batteries after reaching out and helping someone else in need. This is a priceless gift to their soulmate, who, having given so much the entirety of their lives, are almost comically surprised to find a partner who wants to give more than they take.

Optimism initially reigns supreme in the beginning of any given soulmate relationship. It’s a little later, when the younger soul realises their older counterpart is so much wiser, intelligent, and able to cope with any obstacle thrown in their path, when the “younger” soulmate begins to feel the first creeping tendrils of insecurity. And so, instead of rising to try and create balance on the seesaw both soulmates are sitting on each end of, the younger soulmate will sink lower as their confidence falls.

Reasonably enough, the older soulmate is perplexed when this happens, as it coincides with sudden gaps in contact with their soulmate which initially begin in fits and starts, that result in absences or lack of contact so long the older soulmate becomes seriously concerned that their other half has dropped off the seesaw permanently.

But this is a painful drop that doesn’t occur.

Their younger soulmate is still there, marshaling their strength and courage to try rising up again…in time.

It is fortunate for younger soulmates that with great spiritual age and experience comes tried, tested and true instincts – and great faith. It is that faith that makes an older soulmate wait so calmly.

As only a wiser, older soul can.

© Leah  
Date: 04-10-'17

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