Asking permission. As a healer

Asking permission. As a healer, you always need to ask to the person in question permission to treat them.

Often one asks to treat others, for example their soulmate, so they can be together again or for other reasons. However, this is never allowed without their specific permission! And it is not possible to make someone do anything anyway, it is against man’s Free Will.

As a healer treating someone like your soulmate or someone from your environment without their permission, is not pure.

One of the very first rules a healer learns during their education, is that asking permission is of the utmost importance. You will ask for permission not only from your client, but also to his or her Higher Self.

It can be very dangerous if you start treating people without their permission. They do not know what is happening to them, they have not consciously make this choice, and emotions can arise where they are not yet ready for.

Treatment means; healing. But to be healed, blockages need to be removed and this can sometimes hurt psychically. Emotions that have been locked down for a long time, can suddenly arise and this can be rather intense. Especially without the proper guidance. Sometimes the complaints first temporarily become first before they improve. As purification of the body even such things as a flu can occur.

A healer with pure intentions has gained enough practical experience on themselves and others. Be aware that it is not the healer, but the Ultimate Source in accordance with the clients’ Soul and Higher Self, who are performing the healing. The healer is merely a channel through which the healing can take place. De client appeals to its own healing abilities after which the rest of the healing process naturally follows.

Treatment of children and animals?
Either the parents or the child itself, if old enough, will provide the permission for the healing when it concerns children. Inherently you will also ask permission to the Higher Self of the child. The treatment of children often goes quite fluently and therefor the treatments do not take up that much time. The reason for this is because children are still very much in touch with their intuition.

Some children will take over their parents’ stress. A healing treatment can help them to let this stress go and make ailments disappear. You will often see that messages or tips for the parents will also come through. After all, children are their parents’ reflection.

The treatment of animals is also easy. In your mind you ask permission to the regarding animal. Next you will lay your hands on the animal (or do this remotely) and you will soon notice whether they like it or not. Some animals are somewhat shy in which case a remote treatment would probably suit better. Other animals are rather curious and most animals just really seem to enjoy it.

The animal will let you know when they feel they had enough. Usually they just get up and walk away. The treatment does not need to take up a lot of time, although is does depend on the illness of the animal.

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