Asking for permission

As a healer it's very important to ask for permission to heal another human being.

Sometimes clients ask the healer to heal someone else, like their soulmate etc, in order for them to get back together. This is never allowed without their permission!

You should always respect someones Free Will.

Every healer learns in their healing courses that the first rule of healing is: Asking for permission.

You ask the client, but also their Higher Self, for permission.

It's very dangerous to heal people without their consent, because they have not chosen this healing themselves. Emotions can surface, and in most cases they are not ready to handle these suppressed emotions just yet.

To heal someone means that blockages are being released, but this can hurt physically as well. Also emotions that have been suppressed, sometimes for a lifetime, can surface, and it can be very intens. Especially without the proper guidance afterwards.

Sometimes the person will get a cold, because of the body healing itself, it’s cleansing. It can cause these symptoms.

A healer that is working from the heart, has practiced on themselves and others. He or she also knows that it's not him/her doing the healing, but he or she is only a channel.

Source Energy/God is performing the healing, in accordance with the Soul and Higher Self of the client. The client also addresses his/her own self-healing abilities.

Healing children and animals?
In healing children, the parents give their permission, or the child itself, if he or she is old enough. Of course you also ask persmission to their Higher Self.

Healing children is very easy, and the healings itself don't last as long. Because children are still in contact with their own intuition and healing powers.

Some children also take on the stress or worries of their parents, and a healing can help them to let this go. To ground the negative energies they have absorbed. Usually messages or advice for the parents will come through as well. Children are mirrors to their parents, and reflect back to them, what they need to learn, in order to grow.

Healing animals is also very simple. You ask the animal for permission. You will lay your hands on the animal (or heal them from a distance). The animal will show you immediately if he or she is open to receive this healing. Some animals can be afraid of strange people, so it may take some time. It's best to heal those kind of animals from a distance.

Other animals can be very curious, and most animals just love the healing energies.

The animal will let you know when the healing is done, he or she just walks away. The healing doesn't last as long as with humans, depending on the mental and physical condition of the animal.

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Date: 10-02-'17

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