Angel Card of the week:

Crystal-Clear Intentions

Archangel Michael:
“Be clear about what you desire,
And focus upon it with unwavering faith.”

Archangel Michael appears today to let you know you can achieve anything with your power of thought. But first you need to see your true desire clearly.

Sometimes you think you desire one thing, but it’s actually something else instead. Lots of people desire Unconditional Love, but don’t possess it yet themselves, in their hearts. It’s impossible to attract Unconditional Love, if you are asking out of fear, despair, and afraid to end up alone.

Michael is the Angel of Protection, he cuts negative cords with his sword, most people know this about him. But he also helps to be powerful. He is more of the male energy (where Gabriel is more of a feminine energy). And helps to push through, take action, but first of all set bounderies, choosing yourself first, despite of what your surroundings may think of you.

If you have a desire, you can express it, pray or meditate on it, but it’s also very important to let Go, and to trust that it will come on his own time. Everything according to your highest good and Soul purpose. Sometimes there a few lessons to be learned, before it can manifest.

Archangel Michael will protect you on your Pathway. He will give you the strength you don’t always feel yourself. His blue Light will help you express your Truth. To become your True Self. If you don’t feel strong enough, you can lean on him. Invoke him 3 times, and he will be there. He learns you, that you deserve everything you desire, and that true love starts within yourself.

© Arlette
Date: 25-08-'18

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