Affair, or relationship ender?

Is it a cold, or cancer?

That’s another way of looking at an affair.

At least, it’s how most psychics I know look at them.

If it’s a cold, then it’s something that will blow by, but which was necessary at the time; perhaps to bolster your self esteem or get through a dry spell in your relationship until affection and great sex rained down upon you again.

Cancer is a little trickier.

Like an actual cancer, it’s not always malignant. It doesn’t always spell doom for a relationship. But therapy is needed that just isn’t called for with a cold. A cold will go away after time, because it is only a virus; cancer is cells in your body which used to be normal which got twisted into something which wants to reproduce out of control, and take you with it.

What colds and cancer have in common is that both can be treated.

Certainly you’re only treating the symptoms of a cold, which is why most psychics don’t worry about your most important partner or spouse in that relationship. You needed something, and you got it.

Guilt should never be involved.

I know this might be controversial, but I’ll go a step farther: if you come across a psychic who judges you or tries to guilt trip you into leaping out of an affair and making a go at your relationship, leave the conversation immediately.

Judging is not part of any legitimate reading style I know.

Or ever want to know.

Cancer is trickier in that it eats away at a relationship until there is nothing left. This never starts out as a cold, but more taking notice of things that have shifted and changed over the course of relationship that no longer benefit you.

You have to think of yourself first. And this means that you must not merely leave any psychic who tries to inflict guilt on you for having an affair behind – more importantly, you have to leave guilt behind if you enter into an affair to get what you need, but find that the partner you’ve decided to have an affair with is better in every way than your partner.

When and where this happens, you now have a treatment plan.

As with the disease cancer, there are many different treatment plans for different people. You might prescribe yourself a different treatment; see if your relationship with the partner you were with initially can benefit from therapy, for instance, while putting the other person on hold until you see if your relationship is worth saving.

You might decide to see if your initial relationship can be saved while also carrying on the affair with the person you chose to have the affair with. In this way, perhaps you’ve determined you can compare and contrast what one person is willing to give the other isn’t, over time. This will enable you to break off whatever relationship isn’t benefiting you the most.

You can go a more radical route, and cut off the offending relationship that caused you to look elsewhere to have your needs satisfied in the first place.

The main thing to remember is that you are in charge of whatever treatment you prefer. While there is no doubt choosing a treatment plan will involve an emotional period of time in which your heart might feel broken more than once, only you can mend it.

© Leah  
Date: 27-12-'17

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