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Hi Divine Soul, welcome to my profile!

I'm a Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer who loves to guide and help you with my spiritual gifts.

With the help of my intuition, tarot and oracle cards and interdimensional connection, I am happy to give you Soulguidance and insights intended to bring forth empowerment and healing within yourself, so that you can deepen the connection with your true Self and take back your power.

It is my passion and purpose to empower women and to guide them in strengthening the connection they (want to) have with themselves and the Universe.

I am happy to answer all your questions about:


-embodying your I AM presence;

-(recurring) situations that you're dealing with;

-your inner connection

-other connections/relationships, with the intention for you to experience wholeness and balance within yourself;

-blocks and/or (old) patterns within yourself and your life that you are done with and want to get rid of.

You can also contact me for other questions that are important at this time in your life and if you just want someone to hear you out.

During our chatsessions I also regularly ask you questions for reflection, so you can gain awareness of yourself and your life.

I am happy to assist you in an empowering, straight to the point, light-hearted and Truthful -thus sometimes triggering- way...You may not always get to hear what you want, but you will always receive the messages, insight, clarity, healing and guidance that you need at this moment of time!!

If you are ready to receive your personal reading and/or healing, I would love to speak to you in the chat!

Lots of love,



Dank je wel, snelle en heel eerlijke reading..fijn dat ik een gesprek met je heb gekregen.. Weet dat het goed komt xxx

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